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The Guardian: BRAC-aanpak voor de allerarmsten werkt

The Guardian
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Succes van BRAC wetenschappelijk aangetoond

De Volkskrant
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Trouw over BRAC: ‘Bangladesh: Sociale droom is uitgekomen’

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The World Bank

Internationale Vrouwendag: Closing the Gender Gap – Lessons from Africa

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  • Reflections on paternity leave on Father’s Day

    Fathers are our confidants, role-models, and above all, they – along with our mothers – are our first teachers. Their love and care play a meaningful role at every stage of our lives. From the moment a child is born, the care of both of the parents is important for the child’s development and growth. Sharing parenting responsibilities… Read more

  • Beating air pollution

    Extreme weather patterns – such as increasing incidents of cyclones and hurricanes – are telltale signs of the damage dealt to the environment. But there is another aspect to the environment which has a more subtle yet sinister way of disrupting our health: Air pollution. Air pollution is responsible for around seven million deaths eve… Read more

  • The road to safety

    The ringing and vibrations of cell phones nudged awake BRAC’s head office on an early Monday morning. When people answered, a familiar voice spoke to them. “I am Fazle Hasan Abed,” the voice from the other line began. Alert, everyone listened intently to the words said by the founder and chairperson of the world’s largest NGO for four years… Read more

  • Can we save dying mothers in Bangladesh?

    “My mother-in-law insisted that the delivery be at home, as that is how most women deliver babies in our community. I went into labour late at night, and the traditional birth attendant gave up at around 3am. The pain was so immense, I thought I will not make it to dawn. Somebody from the neighborhood called a BRAC shashtya kormi (community healt… Read more

  • 40 ways BRAC supports mothers in Bangladesh: Snapshot from 2018

    Mothers are everything to us. We couldn’t imagine a world without them. So, just like mothers look after their children in every aspect of our lives, BRAC looks after mothers in every aspect of their life. We are building a world that works for all of us, starting with the people who brought us to this world. One woman dies every minute as a resu… Read more