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The Guardian: BRAC-aanpak voor de allerarmsten werkt

The Guardian
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Succes van BRAC wetenschappelijk aangetoond

De Volkskrant
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Trouw over BRAC: ‘Bangladesh: Sociale droom is uitgekomen’

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The World Bank

Internationale Vrouwendag: Closing the Gender Gap – Lessons from Africa

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  • Homebound – the first eight days!

    The country and the world at large has changed at an unprecedented pace over the last eight days. All 193 of the UN member countries have reported existence of the Covid-19. We remain homebound along with a third of humanity. No other global crisis reached so many countries and so many people in the past – not the Spanish flu in 1918 not the… Read more

  • Eight tips for working from home

    After more than 10 years of working from home on and off, I’ve learned that it’s not always as great as you think.  It requires just as much discipline, dedication and focus as working at the office. Done right it can be very rewarding and productive. Studies have shown that employees can be more effective at home if they practise some… Read more

  • Enforcing social distancing: NOW!

    Our planet is being ravaged by the Coronavirus – Covid 19. The situation is getting worse every minute of every hour. At the time of writing this piece (March 23, 10am), there have been over 340,000 cases worldwide. Hardly any country is spared. There are over 14,000 confirmed deaths already. The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic is only a grim remin… Read more

  • Protecting our heroes: How BRAC is keeping its frontline workers safe

    Frontline workers, medical staff, care services, supermarket staff, waste management and delivery services are working around the clock to minimise the effect of the virus on the world. BRAC has over 100,000 frontline staff on the ground. These women and men are in the heart of communities, from urban slums to remote villages, spreading information… Read more

  • Working remotely in the time of coronavirus: 6 tips

    1. Set up everything you need Take everything from your office. No one knows how long we will be at home. Ensure you have a quality internet router with high speed, a reliable computer, any additional hardware or software you would use in the office, headphones and sufficient stationary (maybe a whiteboard, to keep your workload visual?). If your o… Read more