Our Identity

Stichting BRAC International was set up in 2009 as a non-profit foundation in the Netherlands to govern and manage all BRAC entities outside Bangladesh, except for our affiliates. In each of these countries, the entities are legally registered with relevant authorities in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Our unique holistic approach to poverty alleviation include a range of core programmes in economic and social development. BRAC’s institutional expertise on successfully implemented programmes is applied in countries where our models are either replicated or adapted according to the country context. Together, we help people realise their potential and create opportunities through our multi-stakeholder collaboration.

BRAC International Holdings B.V. was set up as a private limited liability company under the laws of the Netherlands and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stichting BRAC International. It is a socially responsible for profit organisation, engaging people in economic activities and creating sustainable income generating activities for themselves. It provides funding for the social development programmes under Stichting BRAC International.

The core focus is to provide microfinance services to people who are financially constrained and marginalised, and people who do not have access to the financing facilities offered by banks and other non-bank financial institutions. Our social enterprise programme currently includes seed production and distribution in Uganda.

Our affiliates were founded in 2006 to raise our profile globally. They play a critical role building awareness, developing new business plans, mobilizing resources and maintaining effective partnership with institutional donors, foundations, NGOs, research organisations as well as the media. They collaborate with international counterparts to design and implement cost-effective and evidence-based poverty innovations worldwide.

BRAC USA is our North American affiliate based in New York.

BRAC UK is our UK-based affiliate in London.