Liberia is an emerging economy. According to the UNICEF 1990 – 2012 recorded data, GDP per capita annual growth rate of Liberia stands at 5.5%. Despite such growth, a vast majority of the population live on less than USD 2 a day. Access to credit is still extremely limited. According to the World Bank, Liberia ranks 172 among 193 countries for doing business.

We established our microfinance company in Liberia to provide micro-loans and small enterprise loans for people who do not have access to formal financial institutions. We seek to address the challenges by increasing access to microfinance services for people in poverty, initiate sustainable micro-enterprises and strengthen the institutional structures for effective management of microcredit systems. Microfinance services provide additional source of employment with a significant impact on the clients’ family income. The small enterprise programme strengthens institutional business capacity. We are helping the government of Liberia to achieve its goal of developing a well-founded and effective microfinance sector.

Our projects

Programme Project Donor Starting Date Duration
Microfinance MSME Central Bank of Liberia November 2017 1 year


  • Provided 25,360 microfinance clients with a total outstanding portfolio of USD 3.78 million
  • Provided 1,539 clients with small enterprise loans at a total outstanding portfolio of USD 1.47 million
  • Portfolio-at-Risk (PAR) microfinance 0.06 and SEP is 2.48
  • Operational self-sufficiency 115.59%

Contact us

BRAC Liberia: Aisha Nansamba, Acting-Country Representative
Divine Town, Old Road, Opposite Jubilee Church,
P.O. Box 1940, 1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia.
M: +231 (+231) 886-589-539