Over three decades of conflict not only hindered rural development in Afghanistan, it also forced millions of Afghans to leave their lands and migrate to neighboring countries. Approximately 6 millions refugees were hosted by Pakistan and Iran. Internally, over one million people were displaced because of the conflict. About three in four Afghans have gone through internal, external or multiple displacements in their lives.

We have 14 years’ experience in rural development, public health services and democratic process facilitation in marginalised communities of Afghanistan, which are now home to the internally and externally displaced population.

Community people form development groups through election and participate in development activities. They also make conscious decision about selecting development initiatives appropriate for their communities. The groups also monitor and supervise different development initiatives in the communities such as supply of clean drinking water, basic electricity, basic road structure and many more.

We build capacity of the development groups. We are developing unified village communities where women, groups returned from other countries, and displaced people all can have a voice in the development process.

Our projects

Programme Project Donor Starting Date Duration
Citizen’s Charter Programme for Poverty Reduction World Bank, International Development Association, Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund May 2017 3 years
CCAP additional financing and Social Inclusion Grants October 2017 3 years


  • Conducted 461 community elections to elect members for Community Development Council in Khost, Nangarhar and Paktiar provinces
  • Facilitated in developing 437 community development plans in three provinces

Contact us

BRAC Afghanistan: House # 472, Lane # 2 Hazi Mir Ahmed Street Baharistan,
Karte Parwan Kabul Afghanistan
M: 93 (0) 700288300
E-mail: siddique.a@brac.net