BRAC Tanzania colourfully celebrates International Women’s Day

BRAC Tanzania colourfully celebrates International Women’s Day

8th March of every year, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. BRAC Tanzania joined the rest of the world to celebrate the day with various activities which engaged the staff with an aim to raise awareness of gender equality issues, sharing the theme of the year and have a candid discussion on issues affecting women at home and workplace.

In keeping with the current theme of Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change” staff members created posters with the messages to support gender balance, celebrate women achievements and influencing conversations of equality. Men and women of BRAC Tanzania also showed their unity and commitment by dressing in a uniform African print attires and started the celebrations with a small march outside the office while carrying the different posters.

The programme included a session of gathering together of the Country Office staff and watched an inspirational video which showcased women’s overall responsibilities and capabilities, sharing of ideas on how both men and women can celebrate women’s achievements at office and home as well as an inspirational presentation from the Country Representative.

Marking the importance of the International Women’s Day, the Country representative shared a message with all country staff about the International Women’s day celebration. Mr Fordson Kafweku addressed the importance of women’s contribution to an organization and life in general, and emphasized on three major things that women have to focus on as they strive to move forward in order to achieve more.

Mr Kafweku said ‘It is time’ and urged women to take advantage of various opportunities that are available to move forward and upwards, and to “Build synergies” by creating the right networks and associations which will provide prospects for growth and finally he advised women to “leverage for scale” by making sure they stand up and ensure their voices are heard especially by unifying for a common goal. The CR emphasized this by using Sir Fazle words that “Small is beautiful but Big is necessary.”

Elsewhere in the BRAC Tanzania family activities to celebrate women were conducted; staff from Tanga region also organized a small celebration in commemoration of the day where they gathered at the regional office to make their pledges and commitments to guarantee they are playing their part in #BalanceforBetter to ensure a better world. Other events were carried out in different field offices including the BRAC Learning Centre in Dodoma were they also showed their commitment and unity by dressing in uniform African print attire.

At BRAC Tanzania we are proud to be an organization that supports women development. Our overall staff portfolio is 90% women while in our various programs and especially in Microfinance, of our clients that we have served over the years, amounts to over 4 million, of which 80% is women.