BRAC family across the world celebrating BRAC day

BRAC family across the world celebrating BRAC day

BRAC Afghanistan observed BRAC Day on the 21st March to celebrate BRAC’s 47 years of journey in global development. The event started by delivering a message from Sir Fazle Hasan Abed through the Country Representative (CR), Mohammad Aslam. While appreciating BRAC’s services for improving millions of lives living in poverty, Mr. Aslam explained why BRAC is ranked number 1 NGO in the world. Additionally, Siddique Ali, Education Programme Manager, shared what BRAC brings to the world and how we strive to solve global problems. BRAC Afghanistan staff shared their feelings and their journey with BRAC. The staff took part in a quiz on BRAC International and its activities around the globe. The event concluded with distributing crests and certificates to 18 people who served BRAC Afghanistan for 15 years or more.

On the day, BRAC Tanzania joined together as one family for celebrations to mark 47 years of BRAC. A video from Sir Fazle Hasan Abed on BRAC being number 1 NGO in the world was shown to all the staff, followed by CR and Chairpersons speech. Furthermore, there were cultural performances, sports and games, along with an Best Employee Award distribution ceremony.

BRAC Nepal celebrated 47th BRAC Day in Country Office, Kathmandu. The office was decorated with 47 balloons in honour of the occasion. The event started with Sir Fazle Hasan Abed’s speech followed by a video on BRAC being number 1 NGO in the world. The event concluded with a discussion on BRAC’s achievements and a cake cutting ceremony.

In Sierra Leone, BRAC Day was started with sharing the Chairperson’s speech, showing BRAC Number 1 NGO video, and cutting a cake. Furthermore, there was a quiz competition and a raffle draw. Following the festivities, the staff shared motivational speeches.

In Myanmar as an initial part of the event, staff enjoyed watching the “Number 1 NGO” video of BRAC, followed by sharing Sir Fazle Hasan Abed’s speech through the Country Representative of BRAC Myanmar. At the field offices, area managers and branch managers read out the speech to their respective teams, and staff shared their congratulatory words for BRAC’s remarkable impact. As a way forward, staff also shared their commitment to embody gender equality and women empowerment to strongly support the values of BRAC.

BRAC Liberia celebrated the by gathering in the conference room. Then, welcome Remarks by the acting Country Representative Aisha Nansamba, video show: BRAC @47: Building A World We Want, discussion session: My view about BRAC @47: (sharing stories about why I am at BRAC) moderated by the Silent Gonondo and cake cutting. Ended with thank you remarks from Head of Finance and taking of group photos.