BRAC International Microfinance starts its Social Performance Management (SPM) Journey

BRAC International Microfinance starts its Social Performance Management (SPM) Journey

This February, Senior Managers and selected Social Performance Champions of BRAC International Microfinance entities from seven countries across Africa and Asia came together in Kampala, Uganda, for a three-day training on Social Performance Management (SPM) and Client Protection Principles (CPPs). The training was a leading step towards BRAC’s commitment to social performance management and client protection, and to also systematically measure the delivery of BRAC International Microfinance (BI MF) mission and social bottom line.

Rose Mwaniki, a highly experienced SPM expert and consultant conducted the workshop. The participants of the training were excited and encouraged to embark on the social performance journey.

The training was partially funded by the Responsible Microfinance Facility for Africa and the Middle East (RMF) and the Responsible Inclusive Finance Facility for Southeast Asia (RIFF-SEA). These funds are managed by the Social Performance Taskforce (SPTF).

Md Edris Ali, the social performance champion from Rwanda, BI MF’s newest country operation, said “We are very lucky here in Rwanda to have the opportunity to start MF operations with SPM in place from the very beginning.”

Furthermore, Madati Mohamed, regional manager, Microfinance, and Social Performance Champion from BRAC Tanzania Finance Ltd stated, “As an aspiring changemaker, the training helped me understand that we can provide financial services with a client centric approach and yet maintain a great portfolio and financial growth. Putting clients at the centre doesn’t necessarily mean you have to incur financial losses. In one-word, I would say it was an eyeopener.”

The training provided a unique opportunity to bring together senior managers of Microfinance programme from all the BRAC International Microfinance entities for the very first time. After the training, the Microfinance leadership team held a two-day meeting to discuss the strategic priorities of BI MF. It was also an opportunity for the MF leaders to learn from each other.

Ehsanul Islam, the programme manager of BRAC Myanmar Microfinance Company Ltd. said, “Through the management meeting I understood how the operation takes place in other countries, what their strengths and goals are, and what types of products they have introduced. I was also impressed by the Uganda Microfinance bank branches I have visited. My commitment is that one day we will make that kind of transformation happen in Myanmar.”