Andura Nancy

Andura Nancy

My name is Andura Nancy and this is my story.

As a young African lady coming from a very poor family, I, at most times, feel obliged to render whatever help I can to anybody in need. I like working with people, both young and old.

I started working with BRAC in 2006 when the organisation arrived in South Sudan. I started as an enumerator. I later joined the microfinance programme as a community organiser and rose through the ranks to become an area manager. When the programme closed down in 2013, I got appointed as a monitoring officer for general programmes. I have attained many other positions since. I like travelling a lot, which explains why I have been able to travel to various parts of the country for work.

BRAC chose me to participate in a course to build my capacity in management. I obtained a certificate from the School of African Microfinance in Mombasa.

I have been able to do a lot for my family since I started my journey with BRAC. I even sponsored my younger brother for an engineering and driving course in Kampala and now he works for another international NGO. In South Sudan, I became the first female staff to receive the BRAC Values Award in 2012. I used the award money to build a flat for my family. Upon advice from my supervisor, I have recently enrolled for a distant bachelor’s degree in social work and administration.

I have very few family members but because of BRAC, I am now part of the world’s biggest family. I have overcome many challenges and I know I have many more to overcome, and this is why I choose to continue my journey with BRAC.

Andura Nancy
BRAC South Sudan