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The Guardian: BRAC-aanpak voor de allerarmsten werkt

The Guardian
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Succes van BRAC wetenschappelijk aangetoond

De Volkskrant
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Trouw over BRAC: ‘Bangladesh: Sociale droom is uitgekomen’

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The World Bank

Internationale Vrouwendag: Closing the Gender Gap – Lessons from Africa

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  • Into the fire, and out: Paying tribute to our firefighters

    Fire. The common enemy of firefighters across the globe, regardless of the colour of their uniform or the language they speak. Dedication and commitment aren’t the only things they put into their jobs – when firefighters get to work, they’re putting their lives on the line. This very danger garners respect for those who go out of their ways t… Read more

  • Community Health Workers: The unsung superheroes

    17th March 2017: “Don’t worry! I am here for you. You and the baby will be fine!” assured Momotaj Begum (35) holding pregnant Fatema Khatun’s (24) hand as they were on their way to the hospital. A deadly fire broke out in Dhaka’s Korail slum at 2:45am; leaving more than 3000 people homeless. Momotaj Begum’s family was among the seve… Read more

  • Is it too late to win the climate fight?

    According to climate experts, the average temperature is predicted to rise by 1.0° to 2.5° Celsius, if no steps are taken. The global temperature rose a total of 4° to 7° Celsius over the last 5,000 years, while in the past century alone, the temperature has risen 0.7 degree Celsius – roughly 10 times faster than the average rate of ice-a… Read more

  • Finding hope in bright colours in a Rohingya refugee camp

    The Rohingya settlements in Bangladesh and the humanitarian crisis that created it made numerous appearances on our television and news headlines back home in the US. Yet, like many modern crises, it became only a fleeting headline and nothing more. We briefly wondered what came of it, who was on the frontlines of aid, then moved on. When I saw tha… Read more

  • Human trafficking and our failures: Is there a way out?

    Mukta Begum, a woman of 23 from Satkhira, was promised with a job in India by her neighbour. Mukta saw the opportunity as a way to escape a life of poverty. She took up the offer and travelled to India with her neighbour. The job however, was not one she was expecting. She found herself in a large brothel and realised she has been trafficked. Every… Read more