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The Guardian: BRAC-aanpak voor de allerarmsten werkt

The Guardian
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Succes van BRAC wetenschappelijk aangetoond

De Volkskrant
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Trouw over BRAC: ‘Bangladesh: Sociale droom is uitgekomen’

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The World Bank

Internationale Vrouwendag: Closing the Gender Gap – Lessons from Africa

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  • Localisation of humanitarian response: A proven frontier for BRAC

    The idea of localisation was first reinforced at the first World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, when government delegates, donors, philanthropists and civil society organisations committed to a package of reforms to strengthen humanitarian financing. In what is the known as the Grand Bargain, civil society organisations demanded that at least 25% of… Read more

  • When nature gives you resources, store it

    Abdus Salam Sheikh is one of 4.3 million people in Bangladesh without access to safe drinking water. The 58-year-old man lives alone with his wife in a remote village in Mongla of Bagherhat in south-western Bangladesh. Salam speaks up about the many years he spent in the struggle of collecting water, stressing on how he did not want his children to… Read more

  • Boot camp to fight global poverty: On location with BRAC in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

    The solution, known as the ‘Graduation approach’,  has proved to be successful in ‘graduating’ extreme poor households onto a pathway towards socioeconomic resilience and sustainable livelihoods. And the approach works in international contexts as well. In 2007, CGAP and the Ford Foundation took BRAC’s model and launched 10 pilot pr… Read more

  • 77% of violence against women is perpetrated by family members

    One woman experiences violence every 50 minutes. One woman is physically tortured every 65 minutes. One woman commits suicide every 6 hours. One woman is raped every 12 hours. One woman is murdered every day. Bangladesh. Our motherland. No place for women. The most recent statistics from BRAC’s Community Empowerment Programme show a 41% rise… Read more

  • A letter from Sir Fazle for International Women’s Day

      8 March is International Women’s Day and, as in previous years, the day brings certain messages to us all. The theme for this year is ‘Now is the time to change the lives of rural and urban women’. Changing the lives of women is not an easy task, since it involves changing many different values and behaviours. Our biggest enemy in… Read more