Despite high economic growth over past decade, 28% of Tanzanians are living below the poverty line and poverty remains more frequent in rural areas than urban areas. Financial inclusion in Tanzania has reached 86% in September 2016 from 16% in 2009. Tanzania’s financial sector has 20 licensed bank and 11 non- bank financial institution. According to 2012 Ernst & Young Banking review, only 12% of Tanzania’s population is banked and banking system in Tanzania failed to attract its customer because of it little innovation and poor banking system.

BRAC in Tanzania has become one of the largest providers of financial services in Tanzania. We show that microfinance can have a powerful impact on the lives of people in poverty through an innovative, client-focused and sustainable approach. Our microfinance programme is a critical component of our holistic approach to support livelihoods.

We reach out to a large number of clients with cost-effective financial services and address the needs of various target populations, such as rural women, adolescents, and small entrepreneurs. We provide two kinds of loans, microloans and small enterprise loans.

Our projects

We provide microloans to women who are not served by other microfinance institutions, giving them the opportunity to operate businesses in their local communities. We also provide social education and financial literacy through weekly group meetings. Participants are advised on the best ways to manage their businesses in order to pay back loans efficiently.

Small enterprise loans
Small enterprise loans financially empower young entrepreneurs who do not have access to formal financial services. We offer small individual loans to business people who are less vulnerable than the microfinance group members. Most clients are now successfully running their businesses and generating employment opportunities for others. Higher economic benefits are indicated through single loans, placing less credit burden on other community members. Members who have successfully repaid their loans are able to expand their businesses by taking further loans. We also provide financial support and capacity building to help expand our clients’ businesses.


  • Disbursed USD 339,828,595 since inception to 1,576,460 women
  • Disbursed USD 15,149,716 to 72,998 Agriculture farmers (2017)
  • Disbursed USD 45,559,455 to 30,350 small entrepreneurs (2017)
  • Disbursed loans of USD 5,424,886 to 33,994 adolescent girls (2017)


Contact us

BRAC Tanzania:Plot # 2329, Block H, Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam P.O. Box 105213 Tanzania
T: 255 754 244 540