Enrollment in primary or secondary level and providing quality education is challenging in Tanzania. Primary education has increased from 89% to 97% in 2013 but later it declined to 85% in 2016 (UNICEF). Early marriage, poverty and pregnancy play vital role behind less enrollment rate at primary and secondary level. Adolescence pregnancy led 3,700 girls out of school from primary and secondary level in 2016 (UNICEF). Moreover, qualified teacher to student ratio is lower in public sector than private sector and most children enrolled primary education in village area cannot avail sufficient equipments and support.

BRAC’s education programme has been implemented to help the Tanzanian government provide quality education at all levels. Since launching there, we have become the largest secular and private education system in Tanzania, spreading across a number of regions. Our interventions are targeted towards the pre-primary, primary and secondary levels.

At the pre-primary school level, we support the government by improving the learning infrastructures in Tanga region.

Our basic education model is designed to give a second chance at learning to children who have been left out of the formal education system due to extreme poverty, violence, displacement or discrimination. The non-formal schools complement the mainstream school system with innovative teaching methods and materials.

At the secondary level, we provide need-based training and student mentoring to improve mainstream education.

Our projects

Programme Project Donor Starting Date Duration
Education The Play Lab Project The LEGO Foundation October 2015 5 years
Accelerated Learning Process targeting 1050 girls aged 10-19 in South Sudan and Tanzania NORAD August 2015 3 years


  • 116 BRAC students passed their qualifying test exams
  • Opened 120 Play Lab centres

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T: 255 754 244 540
E-mail: info.tanzania@brac.net