Pakistan has the world’s second highest number of out-of-school children at primary level. Every tenth child out of school is Pakistani. Out of 50.8 million children in Pakistan between the age of 5 and 16, 24 million are out of school. 77% of them have never been to school. Gender discrimination is still rampant in Pakistan with catastrophic impact on girls’ access to, and attainment of education. Only 51% of Pakistani women ever attended school and in rural areas this number is even lower at 40%. 10% of them never attended school because they are situated too far. The drop out ratio of children is at an alarming stage. 41% of students drop out before finishing primary school. Lack of basic facilities in schools, poor quality of education, teacher absenteeism are the main reasons for children dropping out of school.

At BRAC, we consider education to be a powerful tool for combating poverty, illiteracy and injustice. Our education programme in Pakistan provides primary education to out-of-school children. We support national efforts towards education for all. Our unique, low-cost, innovative, child friendly, non-formal primary education model leads to improved access and quality in education. We provide education through a one class room per school model with flexible timing, low cost teaching-learning materials, hygienic latrines and clean water facilities.